The 10th World Mind Mapping Championships

The 10th World Mind Mapping Championships will be held at Guangzhou Wanda Hilton Hotel on December 16th-17th

There will be greater challenges for you when entering the world championships! Are you ready?!

--- Use your mind to guide your eyes, ears and hands... Let the world see the beauty of China!

In order to meet a better self on this world stage, you must strengthen the competitive training in Mind Mapping in an effective way!

In the World Championships, you will compete with mind mapping lovers from different countries and regions and have the chance to see many high quality mind maps!

In the World Championships, your work will be graded by an international certification referee.

In the World Championships, Note Taking and Speed Reading programs are all in English. But don’t be scared and just do it! We are not afraid of English! The common language of human beings is the image!

Braver will encounter difficulties, like others, but he has the courage to face challenges with his belief even though he knows that the road ahead of him may not be easy. By doing this, he become stronger! Love can make people become warriors and create miracles!

If you want to become an international elite, start with this choices today!

Never forget why you started, and your mission can be accomplished.

Click the following link to sign up for this big event!

WMMC registration link

When the application information is confirmed, someone will contact you for payment nt information.Union pay pay is available and if you can not use this payment method please contact ct for for more assistance. The payment acccount information is as follows: 

Holder: Dongli

Account: 6222083602010798061

Bank: ICBC(Guangzhou Miaoqian Straight Street Branch)

Please send the screen shot of successful payment to to and and we will give you a reply in 3 work days.